Pieter Nooten's OURSPACE and Anka Wolbert's Cocoon Time reviewed on

"Cocoon Time impresses as a splendid and oft-intoxicating collection of classic songwriting, romantic mood-sculpting, and earthy vocalizing"   read more

'I'm back where I belong' Nooten sings on Ourspace's serene opener 'So Much Easier' and the song's natural electronic-folk swoon convincingly suggests as much."  read more

Review of Anka's 'Cocoon Time' on

Review by Mic. 'Mit Coccon Time meldet sich vielleicht eine der schönsten Stimmen des New Waves zurück: Anka Wolbert (4AD, ex-Xymox)' click here to read

Reviews of Anka's 'Cocoon Time' and Pieter Nooten's 'Ourspace' on

Slug Magazine, review by Ryan Michael Painter.
'Cocoon Time is an exotic, atmospheric pop album with an edge and a triumphant return of Anka Wolbert'.
'Pieter Nooten's OURSPACE keeps lush electronic instrumentals augmented by warmth'  click here to read

Review by Willem Jongeneelen of Anka's 'Cocoon Time' in Dutch Music magazine 'Oor'

'Sincere pop' and an album 'full of strong melodies, striking textual depth full of sincerity about love, rock & roll life, sex, addictions and being on the run'. click here to read

Review of Sophie Zeyl's 'Two Ways of Running' on

The very first review of Sophie Zeyl's 'Two ways Of Running'. This one is in Dutch.  click here to read

Interview with Anka Wolbert on Unruhr.

Intro in German, interview in English. click here to read

Remix of 'White Wolves' by Kraak & Smaak (Crack & Smack)

Sophie Zeyl's 'White Wolves' was remixed by Marc Baronner (Kraak & Smaak/ Mimezine).
 Listen for yourself!

Review on Chain D.L.K. of Anka's 'Cocoon Time'

'Anka's cd is an exceptional with collection of unique and impressive tracks that's indie pop with electronic and guitar dynamic layers. To listen to the cd will be perfect by sitting by the sea all alone or just go to the park and watch the sky by gazing and thinking. Favorite tracks are "A Storm", "Already In Me", the trip-hop "Seven Slow Hours", the ambient "Crystal Clear", "Elusive" is a beautiful haunting instrumental track with the sound of a melancholic piano, "Dark Dreamer" is a slow reggae composition and "Don't Weigh Me Down" is an hypnotic masterpiece." Review by Donovan tate.  read more

Review of Sophie Zeyl's 'Two Ways of Running' on (internet music magazin)

Review by Ullrich Maure in the German online music magazine
click here to read

Review of Anka's 'Cocoon Time' in Oor Magazine

Review by Willem Jongeneelen in the Dutch national music magazine 'Oor'. click here to read

Review of Anka and Pieter Nooten in French Magazine Chrysalide Music

Review by Olivier LEONELLI.  read more

Review of Sophie Zeyl's 'Two Ways of Running' in Heaven Magazine by Ruud Heijjer

"Behalve die intrigerende melodieën en overtuigende atmosferics trekt Zeyls stem je mee de nummers in: ze klinkt mysterieus en lieflijk in het hoog, maar donker en dreigend in het laag, terwijl haar ingedubde koortjes klinken als gevallen engelen. Zo maakte Zeyl een indrukwekkend debuut, dat ondanks het tamelijk geringe volume een enorme knal veroorzaakt."  read more

First gigs Sophie Zeyl

Sophie will be performing with her band throughout the Netherlands. Gigs in April: Blijburg (Amsterdam) 20/04/07, Sugar Factory (Amsterdam) 26/04/07

Interview with Pieter Nooten, 08/01/08

Years after his early-nineties departure from Xymox (he left well before the dodgy records), Nooten resurfaces with Ourspace, a record of subtlety and restraint containing the kind of music it takes years of experience and perspective to put together.  read more

Pieter Nooten's 'Ourspace' reviewed on

"Nooten conjures smart atmospherics that evoke emotion and drama without sounding 'dark'. Pieter Nooten has transcended the anonymity of his former band Xymox and vaulted into the realm of composers like Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel...." Review by -LEE RYAN   read more

Pieter Nooten's 'Ourspace' reviewed on Chain D.L.K.

'Pieter Nooten is now signed to a new indie label and back in the music scene making music. Beautiful music that is. His debut release is classified as electronic, ambient, and experimental. "Ourspace" is enchanting with heart, beauty and essence." Review by Donovan tate.  read more

Review in Subculture Magazine (London) of Sophie Zeyl's 'Two ways of Running'

"Combining well layered, harmonious vocals reminiscent of Enya, as well as sublle hints of Bjork and Kate Bush, with seemingly endless, hypnotic guitar strumming, Sophie Zeyl's music produces a kind of sweetness infinitely comforting to any unsuspecting listener". Review by Daniel Glee.  read more

Interview with Pieter Nooten online at

Read this online interview with Pieter Nooten, his first one in many many years...!  click here to read

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