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I-rain Records Launch Party May 2006

I-Rain Records launched on May 12th 2006, hosting an online video-webcam party. People joined from all over the world. At the label, we had camera's set up filming the online party, going around the party, an artist camera and beamer camera. People logging into our site were able to see all camera screens at the same time plus the visitors logging in on their webcams. Everybody was free to join and chat with our artists. We had LIVE performances by Sophie Zeyl and Anka.

irain launch party

About I-rain Records

At I-rain Records we care about a lot things. This may not involve scenes or trends. We deeply care about music. We love to be submerged in music and feel inspired by it. Everybody is differrent and individual taste may differ but the great effect music has on all people is a beautiful thing. How music can unite, evoke, support, warm your heart like the sun, it's a neverending list. We like music which gives us butterflies.

As a label, we want to do everything possible to let the music shine. I-rain artists will be allowed to develop without interference. Music needs no interference when it comes from the heart. Without sounding too conceited, we believe the music we release is just that..

Demo Policy

We're always happy to receive demos and we'll do our best to give them all a listen and provide feedback but please be patient with us. If we really love what we hear we'll be in touch.

For CDs:
• Please send it to our address.
• If you want your CD back please enclose a prepaid self-adressed envelope!
• Don´t forget to state your postal adress and email on the CD.

For mp3s:
• If possible mail us a direct link to your website, or a direkt link to a site where your demo is listed.
• if not, send your demo to:
• Do not send us more than one track, this is usually enough to give us an impression!


I Rain Records
18 Richmond Avenue
London N1 0NF