ANKA - Cocoon Time
Full length CD
ANKA - Cocoon Time
It was certainly worth the wait. Given her credentials of embodying both swooping vocals and lyrics, this album proves an intoxicating collection of songs. Not affected by trend or by scene, this album holds a breath of authenticity and substantiates a lingering, beautiful romanticism throughout. The rumours spreading online over the years on what she exactly was up to, have finally materialized into this truly delightful album.

Recorded in East London over a period of three to four years, we can all be part again of Anka's musical endeavors and continuous search for sound and songs. Even if you're not familiar with her previous material, this album beckons to be heard and listened to. With it you find something to savour and to warm your heart.
Artwork: booklet CD 'Cocoon Time'
Anka Wolbert