Artist: Anka

As a co-founder and songwriter of ‘Clan of Xymox’, Anka Wolbert gets signed at age 20 to indie label 4AD (London) - home to the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Pixies, Throwing Muses et al. Recorded at Edinburgh's famed Palladium Studios, the band's eponymous debut album is a record full of tumbling electro beats, throbbing sequencers and musical adventure. This album receives outstanding press reviews and gains ‘Clan of Xymox’ cult status across Europe.

In 1987-1988 the band are invited three times to the famous BBC John Peel shows, to record nine songs (“John Peel Sessions 1986-1990”). During this period Wolbert moves from Amsterdam to London. In 1987, Xymox release their second album "Medusa" and embark on their first US tour.

In 1989 Xymox sign to Wing, subsidiary of PolyGram N.Y.C. and release their third album, "Twist of Shadows". Aided by the 12 inch and single release of "Imagination", written and sung by Wolbert, entering the mainstream U.S. Billboard charts, Xymox reach hit status and begin to cause a stir in America.

The band's fourth album "Phoenix" sees a worldwide release in 1991. Sell out tours in Europe and The States follow. Wolbert moves from London to N.Y.C., home to Polygram head quarters. When sub label Wing seizes to exist in 1992, Wolbert breaks with Xymox as disagreements within Xymox escalate.

New musical adventures see her work with Toni Halliday (Curve) on a project called "Bud", returning to 4AD in 1994, signing a developing solo artist deal. Whereas Xymox turns more goth after her departure, Wolbert's music becomes more guitar and triphop oriented and inspired by the blooming brit-pop scene in London. She forms her own band “Vaselyn” (with ex-CoX member Pieter Nooten).

In 1997 Wolbert signs a worldwide, major record company deal with a subsidiary of EMI Music, The Enclave (N.Y.C.). EMI’s company overhaul to merge with Virgin on the West Coast in 1998 results in the loss of Vaselyn's A&R person. All artists on the Enclave are in limbo and the release of their album gets postponed. A waiting game unfolds and the album ultimately doesn't see a release.

This material proves the basis for “Cocoon Time”. Returning to Amsterdam for a few years to study psychology and computer science, Wolbert hooks up with Sophie Zeyl to work on Sophie Zeyl’s debut album. A welcome break from her own music she feels inspired producing Sophie Zeyl’s music. After finishing this album Wolbert decides to complete her own material initially recorded for EMI.

Released in 2006, “Cocoon Time” features Anka’s distinctive vocal signature on thirteen songs including ‘Inside The Bubble’, ‘A Storm’ and ‘Hello Dustlane’. It is rich with mood and melody. Anka recounts,

"This record is part London, part world, a combination of my travels, experiences with people and impressions of love. Wherever you go, love travels with you. But as in sweet and sour. I want my songs to reflect deep resonance and they have to go from strong lyrics. It is not so much genre but lyrics and melody that can make a song really powerful. You have to go from gut feeling. A good song can seize you and send butterflies down your spine. When you happen to stumble upon a good song, whether in writing or listening and often at least expected moments, you know it”

Anka Wolbert lives in London and has been working as a web developer since 2000.